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Start Ups

As a start up your constant focus is not to spend too much, so for your accounting you go for the really low cost option. An outsourced bookeeper keeps you compliant and provides you with standard financials likely from Quickbooks

The Mistake Start Ups Make

The low cost approach is great until you reach a certain size (you are in it for growth right?) and your investors, banks and stakeholders want more sophistication in your finance function. More analysis, more forecasting, more risk control and more. Your low cost bookeeper  cant scale up, so now at a critical moment for your business when you should be focused on business development you have to think about a new finance system implementation which can be complex, time consuming and expensive

The Solution

Synecoe can provide the solution. We offer a low cost entry option comparable with other options available to you but we put you straight onto a cloud based ERP (Microsoft Business Central – the ERP for SME’s). This allows you to scale seamlessly as your business grows and you need more sophistication beyond the entry level. No new system implementation required and we’ve already embedded the digital solutions to give you enterprise level performance   Click here to start your low cost scalable journey.


Our Services

Synecoe Offers a Full Service Outsourced Finance Function


  • Management reporting
  • Forecasts
  • On demand dashboards
  • Financial statements
  • Foreign subsidiary accounts


  • Month end closing to tight deadlines
  • Daily G/L entries
  • Accruals and prepayments
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Full balance sheet rec.


  • Local regulation and tax compliance
  • Audit liaison
  • Full segregation of duties
  • Stringent payment controls
  • Foreign subsidiary compliance


  • Accounts Receivable processing
  • Accounts Payable processing
  • FX hedging
  • Trade finance submissions
  • Cash flow reporting


  • Reporting to shareholders/investors
  • Representation to banks/financiers
  • M&A support
  • Strategy support amd modelling
  • C-Suite partnering

client benefits


  • Synecoe stay at the forefront of digital developments bringing:
  • Automation
  • Business Intelligence reporting
  • Cloud based microservices
  • AI integration


  • Estimated savings 40% of your current finance team spend
  • Benefit from a shared cost centre of excellence
  • Transfer programmable tasks to nearshored low cost transaction processing centre of excellence


  • No day to day (remote) team management
  • You have one relationship with synecoe
  • No on boarding, no firing
  • You are freed up to run the business not the finance function


  • Client establishes all deliverables
  • Client receivables daily dashboard of synecoe performance
  • Synecoe will employ a number of your key staff for continuity
  • Dedicated locally based Account Manager


  • Synecoe will take over your existing systems
  • Or can provide our own ERP solution
  • Cloud based or on site
  • Centre of excellence security


Q. Your team won’t understand my business. I’ll spend more time explaining things than I’ll save.

A. We typically take a number of your key finance staff onto our payroll and integrate them into our Centre of Excellence to provide understanding and continuity

A. Each business has its own complexities but the vast majority of transactions and processes are similar. We look to take these commoditised processes. If there is a specialised function that clients dont feel comfortable outsourcing then this can be excluded and stay in house, although we believe that once you see the benefits from outsourcing to us you will subsequent hand all processes over.

A. The initial handover will be managed by one of our senior consultants. These are highly experienced ex CFO’s with the intelligence and knowledge to just “get it”

Q. Finance is a strategic function. I need it in house to ensure continuity.

A. Synecoe’s sole business is to provide an out sourced finance function. This gives us total motivation to be your long term business partner and ensure you’d never go back to inhouse.

A. Our contracts require us to give a minimum of six months notice to any client and provide all reasonable assistance in any handover. This gives more than enough time to bring the function back in house. Clients are only required to give 3 months notice and the same level of handover responsibility is required.

Q. Doesn’t your cost saving model mean we have to lay people off

A. Yes unfortunately that is the case. But we will take your best people in house and  integrate them into the Synecoe team. With the incoming technological advances particularly regarding automation and real time reporting those job cuts are coming whether you instigate or your competition gets a competitive advantage by moving first. Better to get ahead of the curve and be the most efficient you can be to safeguard the strength of your operations

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